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About Home Pro Energy

With more than 2 decades of home insulating experience, Wayne Toler and team know the business of home energy solutions for heating, cooling and energy containment/management. Toler Insulating is well-known and well-respected throughout the building, construction and development industry for the consistently superior quality of all of their work.

Over the years, Toler has expanded his business to integrate customer-friendly building and home care solutions that are among the best in the industry. His latest division, Home Pro Energy, is operated by Taylor Roach and Paul Newman, all of whom have earned the industry’s most notable certifications:

  • BPI-Certified Building Analysts [Taylor Roach, & Paul Newman]
  • RESNET-Certified Building Analysts [Taylor Roach, & Paul Newman]
  • Certified RESNET Energy Smart Contractor [Taylor Roach, & Paul Newman]
  • Certified RESNET Energy Rater [Taylor Roach]
  • Certified BPI Building Envelope Professional [Taylor Roach]
  • Certified Energy Star & EarthCraft Homes Rater [Taylor Roach]
Taylor Roach

Wayne Toler 
Paul Newman


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