Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Environment.

For Home Owners

Is your home leaking energy or money?

No homeowner wants to see their hard-earned dollars wasted on unnecessarily high utility bills. Here’s an example of the energy savings we helped produce for one homeowner. This 8,500 square-foot home has a monthly electrical bill of just $120.21 after installation of critical energy-saving solutions. What difference could an energy audit make for your home?

Energy Audit Self-Checklist: Assess Your Home’s Energy Status

Begin improving your home’s energy usage today with these suggestions from the US Department of Energy:

Area of Your Home

Action to Take

Air Leaks


  • Baseboard, flooring, wall and ceiling junctures
  • Electrical outlets/switch plates
  • Window frames and weather stripping
  • Fireplaces and attics
  • Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners



  • Attic vapor barriers and vents
  • Electrical box seals
  • Wall insulation levels
  • Basement insulation, including water heaters,hot water pipes and furnace



  • Heating and cooling equipment, including filters
  • HVAC ductwork dirt streaks
  • Duct and pipe insulation



  • Light bulb wattage levels
  • Energy-efficient lamps
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs


Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Environment.